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China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, approved by the Chinese State Council and registered in the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, is a non-profit national organization which is directed by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. All our members invest back China after having achieved business success abroad. Many famous Chinese entrepreneurs and overseas Chinese leaders such as Zhuang Qicheng, Zhang Yin, Zhang Xiaoqin, Chen Youhan, Chen Jianghe, Zhou Zerong, Lin Wenguang, Lin Wenjing, Lin Jianyue, Guo Kongcheng, Huang Shuangan, Huang Rulun, Peng Yunpeng, all so include our honorary president. In 2014, we became the member of the Global Compact. We are the biggest federation of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in China and have wide influence


Main functions of our organization: keeping the connection and communication between China and overseas; uniting all overseas Chinese businessmen and returned overseas students to make contributions for the development of China’s economy; helping Chinese companies invest abroad and improve advanced technology and talents; preserving and advertising Chinese culture and promoting the communications between China and the other countries.


Development  of the organization: After 10-year development since founded, China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs is now the biggest organization of overseas Chinese businessman, including 108 group members and over 20,000 overseas Chinese entrepreneurs coving 30 provinces totally. We have made closely connection with more than hundred foreign organizations and overseas Chinese federations.


Investment and trade activity: Since Sep 2008, we have hosted more than 210 investment and charity activities with the cooperation of more than 20 city or province governments and the total capital of contracts has reached 1.5 trillion yuan. The above activities contribute a lot to the development of our members’ companies, the increase of the government tax revenues and the upgrading of China’s economic structure. In addition, we encourage members to take part in various public welfares, the total donation amount up to 5 billion yuan.


Foreign communication: we have organized over 500 entrepreneurs visit US, Canada, Koran, Japan, Australia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Hon Kong, Macau, Taiwan and another 20 countries. Participated the world Chinese entrepreneurs meeting and host overseas Chinese entrepreneur summit and various international meetings.


Current president:Wing Mao Hui, founder of Shimao Group, chairman of the board of Shimao Property Holdings Ltd, deputy director of economic policy committee, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice president of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.




北京华商会 上海市华商联合会 深圳市侨商国际联合会 厦门市侨商联合会 湖北省侨商协会


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